Duderstadt Foundation & Construction, LLC.

DFC is a specialty contractor acting as prime contractor or subcontractor depending upon the scope of the project.

We perform a large range of services using in-house personnel. Some of the services provided are:
• Tight quarter and low headroom foundation drilling
• Elevator Services
• Underpinning of commercial buildings
• Leveling of existing structures, including heavy, multi-story buildings
• Leveling and underpinning of historical structures
• Excavation under existing structures
• Foundation investigations
• Underfloor excavations
• French drains and waterproofing
• Surface drainage
• Concrete retaining walls
• Suspended cast-in-place concrete foundations
• Structural repairs
• Helical piers

• General construction

DFC has performed many projects as prime contractor. Many of our
contracts are obtained by competitive bidding. Other contracts are
negotiated with the owners. We perform fixed price contracts as well
as time and materials contracts.

As a subcontractor, DFC obtains work both by competitive bidding
and by negotiating contracts. We pride ourselves in our ability to
start and complete projects in a timely fashion. We are always willing
to work with the prime contractor and other subcontractors to see that
work progresses smoothly.

  2215 Belknap Pl.
San Antonio, TX 78212-1904
Phone (210) 824-3800
Fax (210) 824-9525

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James Duderstadt, Owner
Frank J. Duderstadt, Sr. Project Manager

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