Duderstadt Foundation Co., Inc. had its beginnings in 1916. At that time, Ed Duderstadt was drilling shallow water wells on the Maverick Ranch, located in what is now San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Duderstadt had been drilling water wells with his father, Frederick Duderstadt, for some time. At the same time, Mr. Maverick was working with W. E. Simpson, Sr., a local engineer, on plans for a new home. Mr. Simpson had been working on the idea of drilling piers for foundations. The state-of-the-art at that time was hand dug spread footings. The practical depth for hand dug footings was around 12 feet. Mr. Simpson knew that a deeper footing would be more effective.

Mr. Maverick introduced Mr. Simpson to Mr. Duderstadt. After some discussion, it was decided that Mr. Duderstadt would make some modifications to his well drilling machine and drill the piers for Mr. Maverick's new home. The bucket auger for this early machine was turned by hand, using as many as four men to turn the shaft. The bucket was raised using hand winches. It is believed that the piers drilled in 1916 at the Maverick Ranch were the first installed in the United States.

In later years, Ed Duderstadt purchased as many as eight horse powered water well drills and converted them to drill larger diameter shafts. In about 1930, Ed Duderstadt used his eight horse powered machines to drill the piers for San Antonio's new Jefferson High School. When Jefferson High School was opened in 1932, it was the first high school in the United States to cost over one million dollars. Ed Duderstadt's son, Frank F. Duderstadt took over the operation from his father in 1940 and continued to use the horse power machines until the mid 1950's. At that time, Frank F. Duderstadt converted one of the machines to gasoline engine power.

Frank F. Duderstadt expanded the scope of the company's operations to include structural repairs and foundation leveling. In 1966 he pioneered the use of drilled piers to support and level existing slab on grade foundations. Foundation leveling was also performed on other foundation types, including concrete pier and beam. Drilled piers, the installation of french drains, waterproofing systems, and surface drainage systems occupied the remainder of the firm's projects.

Frank F. Duderstadt's son Frank J. Duderstadt joined the firm in 1978 after completing B.S. and M.S. degrees in civil engineering from Texas A&M University.  While completing the M.S. degree, specializing in geotechnical engineering, Frank J. worked as a research assistant for The Texas Transportation Institute. The results of the research project were incorporated in the Texas Highway Department's design manual. Frank J. Duderstadt was employed by a geotechnical engineering firm in Dallas before joining his father's firm.

The addition of Frank J. Duderstadt to the firm allowed the company to increase the volume of work performed. The company again expanded the scope of its operation. The construction of retaining walls and suspended concrete floor systems became part of the operation. Large capacity jacks were purchased, and the foundation repair operation was limited to commercial buildings, with an emphasis of multistory and heavy structures. Additional limited access drilling equipment was manufactured in house or purchased to further increase the company's capabilities. After his Frank F. Duderstadt remained the majority Duderstadt Foundation Co., Inc. Frank J. Duderstadt is became a part owner and president of the corporation.  He was responsible for the day to day operation of the firm.

  Frank J. Duderstadt’s son James F. Duderstadt came to work for the firm in 2009 after completing a degree in Construction Management from Sam Houston State University. James had worked for the firm between semesters while completing his college degree and had a strong understanding of the workings of the firm. James worked as a project manager until 2010.

In 2010 the firm was reorganized and renamed. The name was changed to Duderstadt Foundation And Construction LLC. James F Duderstadt is now the owner/manager of the LLC. Frank J. Duderstadt is now the Chief Estimator and Sr. Project Manager. The focus of the company has not changed. We have enlarged our involvement in historic preservation projects.

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